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River Groups will not meet at this time due to the COVID-19 situation.

River Groups are focused on growth for the entire family. We want young and old, male and female, single and married to all come together in the name of Jesus. This inclusiveness is important - older people have something to offer younger people and vice-versa. Married couples can model godly relationships for those who are single. Parents can encourage one another and so on.

River Groups meetings take place every other week, in homes all across our area.

Tuesday Night is Group Night

Tuesday 7:00pm-8:30pm

Each of our River Groups meet on the same day at the same time at different locations.

Find Your Group

We have a group near you.

Abenti Group

Leaders: Jonathan + Heather Abenti
109 Pennington Street
Jacksonville, NC 28546
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Grimes Group

Leader: Peggy Grimes
321 Glen Cannon Drive
Jacksonville, NC 28546
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Kane Group

Leaders: Jack + Kathy Kane
1006 Claymore Drive
Jacksonville, NC 28546
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Morales Group

Leaders: Alejandro + Cecilia Morales
222 Parnell Rd
Hubert, NC 28539
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Jackson Group

Leaders: Wayne + Andrea Jackson
26 Jasmine Ln
Jacksonville, NC 28546
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Bacon Group

Leader: Gloria Bacon
256 Rutherford Way
Jacksonville, NC 28540
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Newson  Group

Leaders: Michael + Rhonda Newson
910 Greenway Dr.
Jacksonville, NC 28547
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O'Keefe Group

Leader: Diane O'Keefe
304 Foxridge Lane
Hubert, NC 28539
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