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We're doing something different during
mid-week, called
grow time.

We are making an important change to our service schedule, and we are really excited to announce some great opportunities for you to get growing!
Grow Time is a mix of classes and ways for you and your family to stop and grow! 
The Fall Session of Grow Time launches July 28!
We can’t wait to head into this new season and see all that God is going to do through us as we get growing!

Fall Session of Grow Time 

The Story of
Marriage Class

Whether you are just starting out or years into the marriage journey, it’s never too late to start building something beautiful. A passionate and fulfilling marriage is possible.  If you are married and would like to grow in your marriage, please sign up for this exciting course.

Wednesdays, August 11 - September 22
7pm in Adult Classroom 1

Reboot Recovery Class

No one is immune from trauma, but everyone can heal. Trauma REBOOT is a 12-week, faith-based, peer-led course empowering people of all walks of life to overcome trauma and embrace a brighter future. Through practical teaching and a supportive community, Trauma REBOOT can help you break free from the pain of your past and find renewed purpose and strength.

Wednesdays, August 11 - October 27
7pm (Location sent after sign up)

Small Group
Facilitator Training

If you would like to facilitate a small group at River of Life, this class is for you! Leaders will share on various topics and the class will be geared toward discipleship.

Wednesdays, August 11 - October 27
7pm in Adult Classroom 2

Purple Book

The Purple Book classes are designed to help believers build their lives upon the Word and develop spiritual maturity.  This is a great foundation for anyone wanting to deepen their faith, and is required for membership at River of Life.

Wednesdays, August 11 - October 27
7pm in the Youth Auditorium

No Sign Up Required - Just Show Up!

Grow Time Main Session

On Wednesday nights, we'll be gathering in the Sanctuary for our Grow Time Main session, which is open to everyone -- NO SIGN UP REQUIRED.  This video series is going to be life-changing.

Throughout life, everyone experiences pain along the way. From guilt to rejection to shame, we all have devastating hurts that we carry with us. We store our pain in the “hurt pocket” of our hearts as it grows year after year.

Our unresolved hurts impact every relationship in our lives. In this inspiring series, Jimmy Evans will show you:

  • How to identify and resolve life hurts
  • God’s desire to heal you and redeem you
  • The steps to making peace with your past
  • How to create a positive legacy for generations

Experience a new level of freedom and fulfillment as you heal from the hurts of life! OPEN TO EVERYONE! NO SIGN UP REQUIRED.


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